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I-Track System - Precision system for building the basic structure of your model track

I-Track System - Precision system for building the basic structure of your model track

I-Track (Hacker Train Systems) - baseboard, baseboard with hidden station, Rondela, baseboard for Rondela and base frames.
You can choose from a wide range of component sizes for your track and assemble them into the shape you want. You can choose the height of the frames depending on whether you will be operating the track standing or sitting.

At the very beginning you need to think carefully about what you want to achieve, what kind of track you will build - in what scale (H0, TT, N ... ), how much space you have, how you will store it, etc. If you want to get closer to real track operation and build a credible model that has real logic with all the connections, or if it's just about getting as many tracks, buildings, trees ...

Our I-Track track base construction system offers you many options, but how you assemble the individual building elements is up to you. For your first designs, you can start from the track diagrams that are usually included in various model railway magazines or special publications. In any case, it often turns out that less is sometimes more.

When considering model railway it is also useful to decide how you will operate the track. Will you just have the basic structure laid on the ground and always clean it up after riding, or will it be permanent and then whether you want to sit or stand by it. Then adjust the height of the base structure accordingly. It is not a bad idea to consider the disassembly of the whole track, e.g. for moving purposes.

Next, we will introduce the basic elements of the I-Track system and their use on a specific track model.


Basic track diagram. We chose the H0 scale. For such a scheme, three modules (A, B, C) 1000x1000mm are suitable.


Height arrangement. Our track was designed to demonstrate the basic capabilities of the I-Track system. For this we chose a combination of three different base plates. A - a base plate under the Rondela with a height of 60mm and B - a base plate with a hidden station with a height of 260mm, which are mounted on frames of the same height, e.g. 660mm, and attached to them on a higher frame (760mm) is C - a base plate with a height of 160mm.

A Rondela is built on top of the A module to connect the lower and upper levels. The height difference between A and B is 200mm. The I-Track Rondelas are designed to overcome this height difference at any scale (H0, TT, N) while maintaining a suitable track gradient. Only the number of turns of the Rondel is selected according to the scale. In H0 scale, the assembly comes out at 1.5 circles. On module B, the track can be laid both on the bottom (hidden station) and of course on the top surface. Module C is a simple space plate, which can accommodate e.g. electronic track equipment, or depending on the type also pull-out holders for switches, tablet and other controls.


I-Track product range. Only elements of the I-Track system were used on the track. Detailed description and dimensions of the entire range can be found in PDF catalogue.

Description of the model railway:

A - On the base plate under the Rondel is a Rondel 1.5 circle. A track bed of special rigid foam material is laid on the Rondela structure at the connection of the individual arch segments and columns, the exit, the ramp and the transition section (transition to the upper level of the hidden station B). The sub-base is spot glued to the segments. The individual tracks are then laid on top of the sub-base, here the Roco tracks are chosen with a sub-base (rubber pad imitating a gravel bed). The tracks are also glued to the sub-base.

B - In the lower level of a hidden station, trains can be parked, for example. In our sample track, it is only used for a loop where incoming trains turn around and return to Rondel. On the upper level, a spiral gradient is created in relation to the adjacent modules A and C, with part of the track hidden in the ground. The rising part of the track is on ramps and embankments, these are also made of special foam material, as is the track bed. Here specifically in the Flexi version, which makes it easier to bend into a curve. All foam parts are glued to each other and to the substrate with a conventional hot melt gun.

C - Module with Hackerov station, one blind track and two tracks. Both continue on a gentle gradient to the elevated level of Module B. One follows the spiral, the other is terminated by blind tracks. There are two slide-out brackets in the base plate, one to house the control tablet and the other for buttons and switches for electronic track equipment (e.g. lamps and object lighting).

On modules B and C, a gently sloping and undulating landscape is modelled. All made of building boards approx. 20mm thick. The finished landscape is covered with canvas soaked in a mixture of water with glue and gypsum putty for gypsum boards. After drying, the buildings, grassing, placement of trees, etc. are installed.

The individual modules are equipped with wheels for easier handling during relocation. In the joints between the modules, the tracks are mechanically broken (cut), again for easier dismantling and handling.


On the photo you can see the track in its disassembled state without terrain. Note the black foam embankments and ramps. The white area in the middle with the dead-end tracks is cut out of the building board. The perimeter edges towards the adjacent tracks are cut diagonally. All you need is a sharp hobby knife for deburring and a hot glue gun for gluing. The work goes quickly by hand and the structures are strong and stable.


Photos of the finished model railway.


Resources and links:

Catalogue I-Track 2024 ... PDF (20Mb)

News I-Track 2024 ... PDF (6Mb) 

Product range I-Track ... E-shop Vlackovna.cz

Video with a complete demonstration of the I-Track system ... I-Track on Youtube

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